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Act before you think!

--Sanford Meisner

How to Apply

We do not hold auditions for our new students. We make our selections via an interview. It is as much for us as it is for you. We want you to feel that this place is a good fit on all sides. The process for admission is as follows

  1. We set up a time for a 1/2 hour call

  2. We interview you and you ask us questions

  3. We invite you to see a class

  4. If we both agree we set up a start date and time for you to join the class.

Once you begin the class there are rules of engagement which must be followed for the good of all involved

  1. Be on time

  2. No cell phone use during class

  3. Work sessions must happen once a week

  4. No eating during class

  5. Each student must be respectful of the space

  6. Payments must be on time

  7. No nudity is allowed in the class (If you are changing clothes during a scene or acting exercise, gym shorts and t-shirt must be worn)

  8. Black Rehearsal skirt is necessary for scene work

  9. Two number 2 pencils must be with you for each class

  10. Any outside props brought in must be removed at the end of each class

  11. Students must help put away chairs at the end of each class

Failure to adhere to these policies could result in a students removal.

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