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Classes train actors to learn the craft in a complete way, break free from mechanical habits, and explore what their innate actor’s instinct in a safe and nurturing environment. 

The Studio Sessions are offered three times a week in classes of six to eight students. Each student attends class once a week and is required to do a "work session" outside of class once a week.  Each class is 2 1/2 hours of class time and each student is expected to be on time. Students are to be actively engaged in working on their instruments outside of class. Students are given a reading list and film list, and encouraged to go to museums and artistic events to build their understanding and enhance their resources.

Each student works each class. Each class is run like a professional rehearsal.

Classes address:

  • Your aspiration to act for a career

  • Bad acting habits

  • Clarify your talent

  • Create confidence in your skills

  • Train your instrument to become a fully flexible acting instrument and work off anything going on around you at any given time.

  • Learn the interpretive process and how to apply those principles in film, television or live theatre.


Enrollment is ongoing and the whole of the process takes 14 to 18 months of class time to complete.


Monday Evening 8:15 PM to 10:30 PM (Currently Full)​

Tuesday Evening 8:15 PM to 10:30 PM (1 spot open)

Wednesday Evening (2 spots available)

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