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Faith and Confidence; Never Doubt

--E. Duse

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The Group Theatre revolutionized the American theatre 95 years ago by incorporating a form of training based on the system of Konstantin Stanislavski . Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Robert Lewis, and most importantly Sanford Meisner, each founded schools that have taught our greatest actors for generations.


Unlike the psychological “method” of other master teachers, Sanford Meisner formulated Stanislavski’s system into “the reality of doing”— a tangible, teachable approach— and the next great step in the evolution of the training of actors.

Master teacher Robert Patterson, a protégé of Meisner, further developed the system into a concrete body of “the work” that could be applied as “one continuous action” while honoring both the actor and the playwright in a way that other systems did not.

At Treasure House, we teach through the elements of this work so that students can add depth and specific selectivity to their craft to obtain immediate results. Through participation and observation, students at Treasure House are able to benefit from the heritage which has been passed down, developed, and taught by Master Teachers for over a century.

THT Heritage
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