An Artist must realize their boredom only then can they begin to create

-H. Matise






Classes are designed for artists to reach new ground, break free from mechanical doing, and to explore what is ultimately revealed by their actor’s instinct. In a safe and nurturing environment, students of all levels are given the tools to freely explore the unique possibilities of their individual temperament.

The Allentown Studio Sessions are offered in twelve week installments comprised of weekly 2 1⁄2 hour classes. If openings are available in a particular ongoing class, students may enroll at any time and work right away. Through participation and active observation over the course of the twelve week period, actors will work toward these goals:

  • Begin or reignite your aspiration to act for a career

  • Break through and abolish acting habits

  • Reveal and explore aspects of your temperament

  • Become a completely confident in your skills


Upon completion of a 12 week session, actors wishing to continue their work at the studio may re-enroll to further their study, approach new material, and continue the development of their instinct and temperament.

Allentown Brew Works, Level 5 812 W Hamilton Street


WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7:00pm - 9:30pm


All students must be interviewed.  

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