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"An ounce of behavior is worth a pound of words."

--Sanford Meisner

We do not commit our students to long term contracts, a student is free to go at anytime with no further commitment.


If events in your life arise where you are unable to continue, or you chose another path you are under no further obligation to the studio.


We make every attempt to make our classes affordable to adults and out payment policies are kept fair

and simple. Please see below.

Payment details

  • Payments are monthly

  • Tuition is $200.00 dollars a month

  • Payments must be on time.

  • If you leave the class you are under no financial obligation beyond the date of your last class.

  • We take two vacations a year one in the month of December, and one in mid July to mid August. Dates are finalized for each break a few months in advance

  • If you miss a class a makeup can be scheduled on your own volition. You are still responsible for the full months tuition.

  • Any class cancelled by THT Acting Studio the student is not responsible for. 

  • For cancelled classes due to weather, a makeup date may be announced, if no makeup date can be set the student is not responsible and tuition will be prorated on the next months invoice

  • If payments have been made in full for that month, the next month will be prorated to make up for the missed class that we cancelled 

  • We do not issue refunds.

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